Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings


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Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings


Classic white pearls, dusty rose, lavender or purple hues. The choice is yours. The color of a pearl is influenced by the type of oyster, as well as environmental factors and the presence of certain pigments. Every pearl is unique so please know that while you can choose the color of pearl you prefer, the earrings will all be slightly different shades and sizes and not the exact ones in the photos. This makes them that much more special in our opinion, and a perfect pair to add to your collection of pearl jewelry.

Pearl is the June birthstone and interestingly, the only birthstone that is not mined from the Earth and instead comes from a living creature! Pearls symbolize purity and loyalty and are believed to bring peace, balance, and protection to its wearer.


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lavender, pink, purple, White


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