I am taking time away from the social media posts that seem to be the norm for so many of us these days, whether posting photos of ourselves, our businesses, our beliefs, or our pets. While it’s easy to feel like this is what we *should* be doing, (especially for our brand or business) I am starting to ask myself, why? ┬áNomadic Ant was a thing long before Instagram! I wanted to use my time in a more creative way, to transmit something more meaningful that we all might look forward to each month.

Something small, something meaningful, something that might be, just enough. Just enough to remind us of our interconnectedness without feeling that need to be constantly connected.

Every month, I will select one item from Nomadic Ant that represents a certain country, or a theme, or tells a unique story. While everyone who orders this treasure will receive the same thing, the details will remain an unknown until you open your package. Besides the main item (jewelry) I will also include a few other details, artwork, invites to any Virtual Events (the plan is for one every other month), and a few fun little surprises on the theme.

The idea is to stay connected in a more meaningful way. And getting something sent to you that comes with a bit of thought, intention and creative energy seems like something we all could use right now. A reminder that we are in this together, even if we can’t BE together. ┬áI hope you will participate.

January’s theme is the breath, and breathing. Have we ever needed it more!?! I think not!

$25 + shipping. You can still select local pickup (free) at checkout if you prefer.

Purchase Here.

Most months the item will be under $50. If you need a Pay What You Can option, you can send a donation amount that you are comfortable with to @nomadic_ant on Venmo and include your shipping address.

Photo: Suzanne Miranda

This image is from a walk along the Ganges in Varanasi, India.