There is almost always something playing when you walk into the Ant…and this year I would say these albums were in pretty heavy rotation.

In any case, I’d suggest checking out a few of these that you might not know already. And share what you’ve been spinning this year. We love your music suggestions!

  1. Helado Negro – This Is How You Smile
  2. Melenas – Dias Raros
  3. Earth Wind & Fire – Best Of
  4. R.E.M.- Murmur
  5. Arthur Moon –
  6. The Go Rounds – ALL
  7. Explosions in the Sky – Logic Of A Dream
  8. Cannonball Adderley – Something Else
  9. Trini Lopez – The Latin Album
  10. Situation Chicago

As always, enjoy the music and support your favorite artists by buying their merch directly from their websites whenever possible!