I met Gabi on one of my first nights in Mexico City in the usual random way I tend to discover new artists. I walked into something happening in a random space without a plan or any idea about what it was or who I might meet. I followed the sound of music coming out of a storefront on one of the main drags of Roma Norte. It happened to be exactly the kind of event I could only have dreamed of finding! DJs, artists, a chill vibe of mostly locals wandering in from the streets to check out the scene and look at art and jewelry and vintage clothing. In many ways it reminded me of events we’ve had at Esquina and I was in my element 100%!!!

Gabi had a table at the back with not a lot of jewelry but every single item I touched was more exquisite than the next and I wanted to have ALL OF IT! She and I got to talking and she has this amazing little dog with her named Snoop who I am sure must be the best companion ever! (watch the video to the end to meet Snoop Dog!) I purchased a beautiful amethyst ring that night because I am an Aquarius and it spoke to me softly from the moment I slid it onto my hand. “Esta piedra transmute” she told me…and although I had no idea what she meant I have to say a lot of things happened while I had this ring on during my visit to CDMX. Good things, energetic things, positive vibrations for sure! 😉 Anyway, if you want to know more about her pieces or need help with a custom design idea I can help translate and am happy to show you some of my other favorite pieces we have from her in the shop.

Travel always leads to interesting stories, especially when you stop making plans and just let yourself explore without an agenda.