A shared memory for a lot of women is that of watching our mothers get ready when we were children. My first experiences with makeup were digging into my mom’s makeup bag to emulate her look, or asking her to do my hair for Halloween with her 90’s crimping iron that definitely was not still safe to use without risk of frying off an end or two. I would argue that for a lot of us, our first experiences and exposure to fashion was our mothers. My first introduction to jewelry was watching my mom, wondering when I will get to wear such nice things, or even just get my ears pierced. As I grew, I’d get hand-me-downs every so often of the pieces I remembered seeing on her dresser table for years. And now, I sit here quickly approaching my mid 20’s and I am the one my mom gets jewelry from!

We all come into our own as individuals as we find our interests, passions, and ultimately, determine what we deem beautiful. But with Mother’s Day around the corner, I urge you to think about our very first fashion icons. The women that gave up so much for us– and then some. We’ve got pieces for every budget and style, and would love to help you make your mom feel special this May. Cheers to all the moms out there, we love you and wouldn’t be here without you!


My mom inside Nomadic Ant, wearing horn and gold leaf hoops.