Spent a lot of time just sitting at this waterfall, listening to the sounds and watching whatever insects and birds appeared. It was one of the most peaceful activities I have experienced in a long while. I watched as an occasional visitor wandered over the rocks, looking for paths across where they could advance beyond where I had decided to sit. Some struggled to wade across the rushing water to the other side over slippery rocks in search of a way forward. Some leaped effortlessly from stone to stone quickly advancing into whatever was ahead; I imagine the goal was to find the source of this waterfall. In that moment I realized that I was content exactly where I was, not the source or the mouth of the falls but someplace gentle in the middle. More ease. It was just enough to be right there.

I’ll be adding more of these mini clips from the visit to Thailand (along with other travel sights and sounds) so keep an eye on the Blog and come see me at a festival soon! Lots of fun stories to share and happy to help you with your summer travel plans! 😉 If you are ever on Instagram I posted quite a few videos of random things there as well.