While it was not our usual winter escape this year to someplace tropical, we did take a short break to enjoy the snow and commune with the winter weather! Thanks to everyone who ordered online while we were away! All orders went out yesterday and the coupon code {winter} will be valid all month for 20% off online. Here’s where we spent our winter break!

This year after what was the most snow-filled Chicago winter I have been in town to see, we realized that staying to enjoy the season was not really that terrible after all. The river path was blanketed in fluffy white snow, the trails were mostly empty, and we watched the city dwellers offer help to one another as we dug ourselves and others out of parking spaces. There was something magical about it all and we realized how much we loved the change of seasons.

Still wanting to have a winter adventure, we decided to prolong the season by doing something a bit unusual this year. We headed north into what we hoped would be even MORE winter weather. We rented a Jeep, filled it with newly purchased snow shoes and ice cleats and wool socks and base layers and headed to a cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I put a note on the shop door that we were closed for a winter break, and we headed out of town.

I love getting away. This year made me realize that it really doesn’t matter where we go but just that we GO! Adventures can happen in your own back yard, and this little break provided exactly what we needed. It isn’t always about the destination, but just the direction. The adventures happen along the way and the less of a plan you have the more fun it can be. ┬áNever in a million years did I imagine myself sitting at a camp fire on a frozen beach under the full moon, visiting an ice cave, or hiking a lantern lit river path in snowshoes. Totally outside the realm of what I thought I could enjoy, and there I was cursing the warming temperatures for fear all the ice would melt too soon!