Even though places are slowly starting to reopen, I find myself happily embedded in this new reality of evenings spent lost in a good book or just relaxing at home listening to music. I currently have an album on repeat by this band from Pamplona, Spain, They remind me of myself in the late 80’s, when I was living in Spain. Same fashion (decades later I still have my denim LEVIS jean jacket) same wild hair carefree vibe, same lust for life! And their sound is perfect for a summer roadtrip. Just received their record in the mail last week and can’t stop listening to it, especially this song:

Books are another summer obsession and I find myself waking up and heading out to my porch with a cup of coffee to read a bit before I start my day. I just finished my second Patti Smith book of the year,  Just Kids, and this morning I finished M Train. Not only do I love her writing style, but the other authors she pays homage to (Murakami, Bowles, Plath) throughout the book are like distant ghosts she revisits, bringing them gifts at their graves or returning to photograph them or their favorite chair. She is, without question, one of my greatest inspirations as a writer and woman.

I also am reading  a book called Mindful of Race by Ruth King. She comes at this topic from her background in meditation instruction, which is how I discovered her. I’ve been reading in the evenings after my own meditation practice and find her teachings really helpful, especially at this especially critical moment.

“Racism is a heart disease,” writes Ruth King, “and it’s curable.” Exploring a crucial topic seldom addressed in meditation instruction, this revered teacher takes to her pen to shine a compassionate, provocative, and practical light into a deeply neglected and world-changing domain profoundly relevant to all of us.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend! Be safe, and be kind.

And if you’d like to share what you are listening to or reading, we’d love to hear it!