Shiva Eye Shell Necklace


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Shiva Eye Shell (operculum) Necklace with Natural Stone & Brass Beads. Adjusts with 16/18 inch beaded waxed-linen closures.


Perfectly imperfect. The operculum is a shell that contains the golden ration; the spiral that is mathematically perfect. Nature can create perfect rations, but the shell is also a reminder of the imperfections that exist as each shell has a tiny detail that makes it different from the next. No two alike which some might see as a flaw. We see it as a reminder that the beauty is always within.

Stone choices:

Malachite (green) Garnet (burgundy) Howlite (cream) Onyx (black) Turquoise (blue)


Additional information


garnet, howlite, malachite, onyx, turquoise


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